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Are Uggs Waterproof?

UGG boots are well known for their warmth, comfort, and design, people frequently wonder if they are waterproof. The response differs based on the particular model and material of the UGG boots in question. Let's examine in more detail how UGGs are waterproof and how to take better care of them to make them even more water-resistant.
Twinface sheepskin is used to make traditional UGG boots, such as the well-known traditional Short and Classic Mini styles. Although not completely waterproof, this material has a natural resistance to water. This implies that although they can withstand light rain or a brief exposure to moisture, they are not meant for extended periods of wet weather. Stepping in puddles, or walking in heavy rain, or snow can cause water to soak through the boots, potentially causing damage to the sheepskin and shortening its lifespan.

Waterproof UGG Models 

UGG has launched waterproof variants in response to consumer demand for more durable, weatherproof choices. Usually, extra materials and treatments are used in the construction of these models to improve their water resistance. Among the well-liked UGG waterproof models are: 
This boot's waterproof leather and suede upper and breathable eVent membrane, which lets moisture out but keeps water out, are characteristics tailored for harsh weather. The Butte Boot, another great choice for rainy weather, keeps your feet toasty and dry in inclement weather by combining waterproof leather with a wool inner. The UGG Classic II is an improvement to the iconic style that boasts a pre-treated Twinface sheepskin for better water and stain protection than the original Classic models. 
UGG provides water-repellent treatments to owners of regular UGG boots who wish to increase their water resistance. For added protection against moisture and stains, UGG suggests using their water and stain-resistant spray on the boots. Here's how to use the treatment: 
 Make sure your boots are clean and dry before using the spray. To clean any dirt or debris off the surface, use a suede brush. Spray the entire surface evenly, keeping the cannonballs about six inches away from you. Refrain from overloading the content. 
The boots should be left in a cool, well-ventilated room to dry naturally for at least 24 hours. Applying a second coat of repellant could provide the best possible protection. Once fully dried, preserve the appearance of the boots by rearranging the sheepskin nap using a suede brush.  
Use these upkeep and care recommendations to prolong the life of your UGG boots and preserve their best appearance: Try to stay away from wearing your UGG boots in really wet, muddy, or snowy circumstances, even with water-repellent coatings. If your boots do become wet, pack them with paper towels to absorb extra moisture and let them air dry away from sources of heat that could cause the sheepskin to deteriorate. Regularly brush off the dirt from your boots and spot-clean them with a moist cloth to keep them looking good. Moreover, UGG provides cleaning tools made especially for their boots. To keep your UGG boots from fading and to preserve their shape while not in use, store them in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight. 


Although they are not completely waterproof, regular UGG boots do have some water resistance and can be treated to improve their protective properties. The waterproof variants offered by UGG are an excellent choice for individuals looking for more durable protection against inclement weather. You can guarantee that your UGG boots stay in great shape and offer comfort and style for many seasons to come by according to the recommended care and maintenance procedures.
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